FoodMachine Summer Adjustments

Location: Kona, HI | Published: 12 July 2010

We installed hapas into a couple of our fish tanks. As you can see from the picture below, a hapa is a very fine mesh net that can be used to line a tank. This allows us to easily separate out babies from the breeding fish.

We place the babies into a floating version of a hapa cage until they are big enough to be introduced to the larger fish in the main tank without fear of them being eaten. Also, this makes it so we don’t have to drain an entire tank if we want to access any of the fish in it. It makes the entire process much simpler.

We also put nets on the end of our inflow valves into the grow-beds from the fish tank. We did this as we had issues with baby Tilapia getting into the pumps and being pumped up through the system. They become trapped in the grow-beds and then feast on the roots of the plants. Since Tilapia are omnivores, they will eat the roots of the plants, especially in the absence of other food sources. We netted a Tilapia that was about 5 inches long out of one of our grow-beds after we noticed from looking at the roots that something was munching on them.

We recently built up a PVC framework from which we can support some shade-cloth. We have had some issues with lettuce wilting and were wondering if the sun and heat have simple been too intense. After having hung it up, we noticed drastic improvement in how the lettuce was handling the sun.