FoodMachine Fish Pens

Location: Tacoma, WA | Published: 12 September 2010

At both of the FoodMachine locations we have one big tank that holds all of our fish. Within this large tank, we have pens that hold the different sized fish. We built our initial freestanding pen at the beginning of August. Below is a photo of another of the freestanding pens. This one has a hapa suspended in the middle of it. The hapa will hold the baby fish. As you can see from the picture, it is suspended inside the larger pen to protect them from the free-swimming fish in the tank. When the baby fish are large enough to not be able to swim through the holes of the freestanding pen, they will be moved from the hapa to the freestanding pen.

We have also included pictures of the rice we are growing as well as lettuce at the different stages. You can see in this picture that the rice is continuing to mature well.