Kona FoodMachine, a Simpler System

Location: Kona, HI | Published: 28 October 2010

This last week a group of us took on the project of implementing design changes we came up with in order to simplify the entire system. Our greatest desire is that the FoodMachineâ„¢ be used across the world. We know one of the greatest challenges faced with the FoodMachineâ„¢ is making sure it is simple.

The initial system in Kona had four tanks that held fish. All of these tanks drained into a set of filter tanks, designed to remove excess solids from the system. The water then drained into the grow-beds. At the end of the grow-beds, the drains led from them to a sump tank. This tank collected the drain water and when the water got to a certain level, a pump automatically turned on, pumping the water back up to the four fish tanks. The design had a number of siphoning systems as well as extensive plumbing and valves.

The Kona setup now consists simply of one large fish tank. The fish are contained in pens that sit in the large tank. Water simply is pumped from the large tank to the top of the four grow-beds. The grow-beds drain directly into the fish tank.

We are excited about this fix as it simplifies the system for both maintenance and installation.