Tacoma FoodMachine Winter Prep

Location: Tacoma, WA | Published: 10 November 2010

We have taken some of our troughs, the 12-inch on ground growing systems we use for tomatoes and cucumbers, off line for the winter. Due to the limited light in the Pacific Northwest (our greenhouse is also in a bit of a shaded location) the growth rate slows down substantially.

We continue to have full grow-beds of lettuce and the rice is looking good too. I have about 5 tomato plants still going that were looking very healthy.

We have about 60 of our Tilapia that weigh around 1 pound each. We will begin to harvest some of them when they get about 1.25 to 1.5 pounds. I will have to get more baby fish on the way too so we can keep the nutrient amounts up to what we want in the system.