Sofia’s Plant and the FoodMachine

Location: Kona, HI | Published: 01 March 2011

On several occasions we have had students from one of the campus’ schools come and plant various vegetables as part of their science class. They always have a great time, but often they don’t come back to visit the plants as they germinate, grow shoots and bear fruit. In addition, these plants aren’t always labeled properly as to their variety. This is the case with this particular cherry tomato plant; so we named it after the child – ‘Sofia’s plant’.

Sofia‚Äôs plant is incredible, it is eight feet long and over 100 tomatoes have been harvested from it without the plant having any of the problems that have been found with our “staff plants”. Sofia’s plant hasn’t had any of the leaf curling, wilting or white mildew that commonly is found in tomato plants in Hawaii. In the second picture below, if you look just to the left of the white vertical PVC pipe, you can see this plant started in a tiny two inch pot!
We have included the other pictures as they do a good job giving perspective as to how big the plant really is.

We have now taken starters off of the plant and they have been cultivated by planting in our water, coir, and pearlite mixture. All three of the starters have taken root and are beginning to produce fruit.

We are continually amazed at the simplicity of the FoodMachine and how well it produces food!