FoodMachine and YWAM Kona Training

Published: 02 February 2012

This past week we travelled to the Kona YWAM base to do training on the FoodMachine. We did training with a Discipleship Training School (DTS) leader and a couple of his staff on how to build a grow-bed. One of their outreach teams will be going back in July to the same place the FoodMachine is being installed in March. They will then help either expand the existing FoodMachine or build more in the area. For our training we built a grow-bed that was only two feet wide by four feet long and we used a rubber garbage can to simulate a fish tank. This was an easy way to demonstrate one of the great things about the FoodMachine, which is that it is totally scalable. The team did great work and came away with basic familiarity on how a system is built through engaging in hands on learning.

This was a great first step in working with our friends at YWAM to integrate the FoodMachine into more and more of the outreaches they do each year!