Cambodia FoodMachine Day 3/4 update

Published: 08 March 2012

The last two days have been VERY eventful…

We had planned on using plastic liner in the growbed space. However, we had a miscommunication about the width needed for the space. It turned out to be too wide and therefore using the liner as we had planned proved to not be an option. However, in retrospect it seems to be a blessing in disguise.

We decided to to ahead and line the whole grow-bed with concrete like the fish tank. We believe this will serve the community here much better in the long-term but it did put us behind by a day or so. All that said, things are looking great as you can see below in the pictures (remember to hover over them for a brief description).

We also had the chance to spend about forty-five minutes with a group that was coming through the base to see all they are doing. They had fantastic questions and seemed to be very interested in the project.

Today, day four, we spent about an hour going over how to maintain the proper water quality needed for the system, specifically the fish. The team here is very eager to learn and asked great questions.

The goal tomorrow is to have the water running and ready to have the plants put in. The seeds planted on Monday are looking fantastic.

Check back for more updates. Due to travel and all that goes with that, the next post will not be for a few days. Enjoy!