World Grace Mission Center FoodMachine

Published: 10 April 2012

The second site for the FoodMachine in the Dominican Republic is in Santo Domingo. This site is a bit larger than the first site in Azua. It has half the grow-bed area as the FoodMachine in Kona, HI. We were able to help with a significant part of the construction for this site during the trip. The property it is located on is quite large and, as can be seen from the pictures, is extremely beautiful. The location for the FoodMachine is on a bit of a hill so some excavation work needed to be done in order for the growbeds to be level and and to ensure the water height in them would be lower than the water level in the fish tank (an above ground swimming pool) so the power of gravity can be utilized in the system. These beds also were made out of concrete as this is an easy material to get locally and also ensures that the system will last for a very long time. Below are pictures that show the progress from what the site looked like initially to just after the fish tank was setup and the growbeds epoxied. Another post will be up next week showing the second half of the progress. Enjoy!