World Grace Mission Center FoodMachine Update

Published: 05 June 2012

We just got back from a great trip to the Dominican Republic. On this trip we had the chance to visit the two sites previously installed and continue training on how to run the systems effectively. As you can see in some of the pictures below, the team at the Santo Domingo FoodMachine has built two gazebos and done a great job getting seedlings ready for planting.

The other major part of this trip was to begin construction on a third FoodMachine. This new site is in the city of San Pedro at a school/ministry center. Keep checking back for updates on this system’s progress

Below are pictures from the Santo Domingo site.

Here are pictures of the growbeds with some plants starts in them.

These are the gazebos to cover the fish and to process harvested plants. The gazebo on the right will be used to process harvested plants as well as hold teaching workshops.

This is the table to use for seedlings not yet ready for the larger system. This increases the efficiency of the entire system. On the right are plant starts before being moved onto the growing table and then into the main system. Below these these two pictures you can see the fish pens under one of the new gazebos.