Las Palmas FoodMachine Start-Up and Training

Published: 24 July 2012

We just got back from a fantastic week long trip to the Dominican Republic. During this trip we visited the FoodMachine site at Las Palmas Christian School in San Pedro de Macoris.

We were at this site the beginning of June to lay out the construction work that needed to be done on the site to build the FoodMachine. We met with the team there briefly and told them to contact us once the work was done. One of the leaders there, Pastor Felix, oversaw all the construction that needed to be done to build the FoodMachine onsite. He hired locals to do all the clearing of the space, to build the concrete fish tank and growbeds, as well as setting all the preliminary plumbing.

When we arrived we were met with a completely finished system! The work they had done was incredible!! It was such a blessing to begin training them on how to run the system right away without having to re-do any of the construction work. We look forward to Pastor Felix helping us on other builds in the Dominican Republic.

As always, we took lots of pictures. We tried to capture the process from when we first arrived to the day we headed to the airport. Enjoy!

Here are Pastor Gary Hale, Pastor Felix Mota, and Evan Thomas (FoodMachine).

We had quite a team helping us plant seeds the first day. Here is the finished product. All that is left now is to wait to see how many actually germinate!

Drilling holes in the dixie cups to ensure good water flow to the plant roots and painting the styrofoam so it lasts longer in the strong Dominican sun!

Pastor Mota getting the circulation pump plumbed into the system. He does good work!!!

Building the framed screen to separate the fish tank into two different sections.

Evan training on water quality day one. The next day Pastor Mota is teaching all of us what he learned the day before!

pH is looking good!

One of the leaders at the school happens to be a welder and built a cover for the fish tank.

Putting the roof frame into place and securing it to the fish tank.

The cover over the fish is complete as well as the “house” for the air pump.

The first little fish being put into the fish tank.

The plant starts to be put into the system.

The planting area.

We planted multiple seeds, so the starts needed to be separated and transplanted. What a team!

What a great addition to the school courtyard!

Evan, Rachel, Felix, and Ember posing near the first plants in the system. We are all so excited about the progress made!