WGMC FoodMachine Follow-Up Training

Published: 31 July 2012

We recently visited the World Grace Mission Center site to do some follow-up training on running the system. The team is now in place that will be running the system full time so we wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable with how the FoodMachine works.

We discovered the nutrients in the system are still a bit low due to the fish being underfed (therefore not producing enough nutrient rich waste) in addition to more fish being needed in the system. Even still, the team recently had their first harvest from the system.

We are confident with the right nutrients now present in the system, many tomatoes, cucumbers, and other greens will be coming off the system in the coming weeks.

The first tomatoes are coming!

Moving baby fish from the breeding area to the main tank.

Seedlings beginning to show.

The lettuce under shade cloth is doing well.

Planting the seedlings.

Ferdinando and Rene tying up the tomatoes.

Moving baby fish.

The fish were hungry!