Kona FoodMachine

Published: 04 December 2012

The Kona FoodMachine is a shining example of what we desire for all FoodMachine installations. This project is now fully operated by local YWAM staff. Our goal at the FoodMachine has always been to empower those in each locale to operate the FoodMachine entirely on their own. The team in Kona has done a fantastic job of training up others in their community to be a part of the project. In addition, they have innovated in ways that bring the system into greater alignment with their goals. We could not be more excited about our partnership with YWAM Kona and the entire YWAM family.

These baby fish are at least second generation, showing the success of the Kona FoodMachine breeding program.

The team in Kona has been experimenting with saving seed. The seed from these plants will be collected, dried, and then replanted into the system.

These three pictures show the production beds. About 500 heads of lettuce are harvested from the three production growbeds weekly. The fourth bed is used for experimentation.