YWAM Puyallup FoodMachine Greenhouse

Published: 10 December 2012

This past Saturday a team of people came together to cover the greenhouse that was donated to YWAM Puyallup for their FoodMachine project. Thankfully the owner of a local greenhouse business came to help. He had the expertise and equipment necessary to make the entire effort a success! Thanks again to all those that helped.

Here is the tractor rig for hoisting the roles of plastic sheeting above the greenhouse. This made the entire job MUCH easier!

Golf balls were tied into the plastic to provide anchor spots for the ropes used to pull the plastic over the purlins of the greenhouse.

Ropes were used to pull the sheeting the length of the greenhouse.

At each purlin the plastic had to be pushed up to avoid tearing. Great work guys!

Getting ready to secure the ends.

“Wiggle wire” was used to secure the sides of the plastic to the greenhouse structure.

All done!