FoodMachine Fish Tank

Published: 07 January 2013

There are many different things that can be used as a fish tank. For a system to be considered a FoodMachine, we have minimum requirements in terms of the gallon capacity of the fish tank. A system could be built using a garbage can as a fish tank, but our desire is to have systems that are large enough to make a quite significant impact.

The fish tanks at LaHaina Family Farms are made out of concrete. Tanks can also be made out of cinder blocks. Large plastic tanks also can be used.

Equally as important as an appropriate tank is cover for the tank. The reason being is that the fish need to be shielded from direct sunlight. In addition, this protects them from birds that would be more than happy to feast on some fish!

In the system at LaHaina Family Farms, the water from the fish tank is gravity fed into the growbeds. Below is piping coming into the growbed as well as the piping leading from the fish tank to the growbeds.

Key to building a successful fish tank is the standpipe. This is what regulates the height of water in the fish tank and is the means through which water gets to the growbed. If done right, it is what prevents fish from getting into the growbeds and, if done wrong, is the means by which fish escape into the water under the rafts; causing hours of work and usually having quite a negative impact on the plants.

Here sealer is being used inside the fish tank around the stand pipe. The sealer used must be safe for fish!

The water will never go higher in the fish tank than the stand pipe allows.

This is what the fish tank looks like once filled with water.

Introducing fish into the system.