Puyallup FoodMachine Produce Selling in Tacoma

Published: 04 July 2013

The Puyallup FoodMachine is a collaborative effort between the FoodMachine Foundation and New Beginnings Home. The Puyallup FoodMachine is located just minutes from downtown Tacoma in the Puyallup Valley.

New Beginnings Home has been in existence for over twenty-five years and is a safe haven for young mothers, where unconditional love and friendship are the norm. The home is a place where women can plan what is best for themselves and their babies while having their physical and emotional needs cared for.

The FoodMachine Foundation is an organization that works around the world with individuals, communities, and organizations to provide food and economic opportunity for themselves and their communities. We are extremely excited for the opportunity to work with New Beginnings Home on the Puyallup FoodMachine project.

Puyallup FoodMachine produce is grown in a greenhouse using a technique called aquaponics. In aquaponics, no soil is used. The plants are floated on rafts in water that comes from fish tanks. The fish waste is what provides the nutrients to the plants. Because the produce travels less than 15 miles from where it is harvested to the sales location, it is incredibly fresh.