Zapote, Guatemala FoodMachine

Published: 08 November 2013

We had another encouraging update from the team in Guatemala. They are doing very well for being just 7 months into the project. The first 12 months of any project tend to be the hardest as each months environmental conditions are being experienced for the first time. For example, getting the seeds to germinate during the last few months has been a challenge. A local business that sells seeds has been located which will give the best chance possible of sourcing seeds leading to successful germination and plant growth. Additionally, this local seed business is a great source for expertise on techniques for planting the seeds and caring for the plant starts. All of us here at the FoodMachine are so encouraged by the diligence with which the team in Guatemala has persevered and found solutions to the problems they are encountering.

The first group of fish that we put into the system in April are getting quite large and are ready to be harvested. Between 50 and 75 will be harvested and sold in the next week. Each of these fish are about a pound and will provide income needed for the project. Having this much protein available for sale is fantastic and will be of huge benefit to the community. What an encouragement to see food being made available!

Here are a few of the most recent pictures.