Spring is in the air!!

Published: 25 February 2014

Spring is right around the corner! As the pictures below show, the plants at the Puyallup FoodMachine are looking great. This was our first winter and we certainly learned a lot! We have made some significant changes to the inside of our greenhouse that will help ensure the best airflow for the plants as well as helping us reduce the probability of pest and disease occurrence. We are extremely grateful for the help we have received from many who are excited about the project.

This spring we will also be installing a solar water heating system for the fish. We will posts updates with what we are learning and pictures as the project progresses.

Below you can see those who are so faithful to donate their time to making the project a success. The first picture shows a raft with new plants ready to go into the system. Following are other pictures of the system. The plants are obviously doing well with the ever increasing daylight!