Zapote FoodMachine Salad Festival

Published: 01 August 2014

This week was the first community gathering held specifically for the purpose of telling the people in Zapote about the importance of vegetables in their diet. What an amazing time it was!!!

Above is the first line of the email we received this week from our friends in Guatemala. Read the rest of their report below.

We had our first “Salad Festival” in Zapote! We invited 25 women that represent 25 families from the community and spoke to them about the nutritional importance of fresh salads and how rich in vitamins fresh vegetables are in their diet. The two chefs from the local school came and prepared 5 different salad recipes which can be prepared for their families. Each option is affordable and accessible for those living in Zapote; even though it is such a remote village.

Now the plan is to help those 25 families by sharing the next three harvests of lettuce from the FoodMachine with them, with the hope that this will begin a good habit of them preparing and eating salads in their homes. Our plan, Lord-willing, is that after these women grow accustomed to working with lettuce and serving it on their tables, they will have a desire to buy lettuce for their homes regularly. At the end of the first three shared harvests, we will then invite another 25 families to be part of a “Salad Festival” to be educated and encouraged in a new food culture!

Below are some of the pictures we received from the event. What an amazing step forward!