The FoodMachine is an aquaponics system designed to be as simple and productive as possible. Our design practices and operational methods are based on what we have seen and experienced on the ground in communities around the world. The FoodMachine is simple both to build and operate. With minimal initial and ongoing training, the local person is empowered to operate the FoodMachine; thus providing food both for consumption and sale.

The FoodMachine has been in existence in varying forms since April of 2006. In that time different versions of the FoodMachine have been built and experimented with. The goal has always been to determine what FoodMachine designs provide the greatest amount of food, for sale or consumption, in the simplest and most cost effective manner.

Versions of the FoodMachine have been built indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. We also have built them on the ground, on elevated platforms for use on un-even ground, and in vertical units.

We are actively pursuing like-minded partners who want to see opportunities for food and micro-economic opportunities made available around the world.

Visit our how it works page to learn more, our locations page to see what installations are currently happening, or our get involved page to contact us.

The FoodMachine Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.